I help people understand who God is and how we can be godly people in an ungodly world!

Welcome! I’m Janis.

We live in a chaotic and challenging world. Peace and hope are often hard to come by. My intent is to help you find those elusive feelings by using the Bible to learn more about who God is and what His purpose is for those who love Him.

Helping people to identify their relationships with God and to continue growing in faith.

God is the only answer to of all our challenges in life. The more a person puts his faith in God, the better chance he has to find hope and encouragement in the worst of times. Unfortunately, those who do not believe in the power of God or even God himself have nothing to lean on in challenging times. True Christians are those people who follow Jesus, and choose God over the world. While many people may call themselves either Christians or religious, not all will be welcomed into eternity with God. Unfortunately, many people may call themselves Christians but are actually what God refers to as lukewarm Christians or I refer to as fence-sitters, those cannot decide whether to choose the world or God. Others profess to have an intellectual belief in God but desire no relationship with Him. Finally are the self-professed nonbelievers. To them, God is an non-issue. Sadly for them, someday these people will discover the truth of who God really is.

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Take this quiz to find out what kind of relationship you have with God.

This quiz is meant to be a self-assessment which no one will see but you. All of us are sinners, and no one is the perfect Christians. Hopefully, the results of this quiz will simply identify areas which you believe need prayerful consideration and guidance from God. The results will also indicate how to best use this website to advantage in your walk with God.

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