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My goal is to provide biblical content related to many different topics discussed in the bible. My intent is not to judge or condemn anyone for their choices because I have struggled with many different issues in my own life. I am providing information that makes you stop and think but what you do is between you and the Lord.

Helpful Resources

I will be offering free printables such as bible verses and calendars, bible verse cards, music and book recommendations, topical lists of related bible verses, suggested products for helping you with bible study plus many more resources. Hopefully some of these will aid you in your Christian walk.


We all face trials and tribulations in this world - some minor but others which are life-changing. I know from my own experiences that sometimes we can feel very overwhelmed and we look for solutions that this world offers. After many struggles in my own life, I finally found the only true answer when trying to live a godly life in an ungodly world - FAITH!


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