The importance of living a godly life

Welcome! I’m Janis.

Why is it important to live a godly life in the chaotic world in which we live? Without God’s grace and mercy, we have no hope. One only has to watch the news for a few minutes to realize that this world will never give us the joy and peace we all seek. Our hope for a better future, a future which involves living for eternity with God, can only be found through a meaningful relationship with God’s Son Jesus.

My purpose is to help Christians who want to learn how to live a more godly life.

Believing in God or even Jesus is not enough. We have to commit ourselves to daily denying this world and living as the Bible commands us to live. For a Christian, choosing God over the world is not easy as it seems. Developing a true and satisfying relationship with God takes a lifetime and comes about only by using the tools God has given us to accomplish this goal.

It’s time to go from Stressed to blessed!

Not sure how I can help you?

Take our Spiritual Wellness Evaluation to determine the areas of your Christian life needing some improvement!

Take the time to prayerfully ask God to identify those areas in your life that do not represent the kind of life Jesus commanded us to live. No one will see these answers except yourself and God, unless you desire to share them.

Tools we provide to help Christians grow in their relationship with God.

Growth, in any area of one’s life, takes commitment, goals, and a plan. God desires a close relationship with each of his children. However, a meaningful and genuine relationship full of blessings does not come with salvation alone. Salvation is just the first step in our relationship with God. We start out as babies in Christ, but to grow as a Christian requires a choice on our parts to grow. For those who commit themselves to becoming mature Christians living lives which honor and glorify God’s name, God has provided us with all the tools necessary to accomplish that goal.

What Christians are Saying

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