Meet janis

My greatest joy is sharing how my life was changed through my faith in Jesus.

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“I want every client I work with to know I care and that they’ve found a great friend!”

I believe:

Jesus is the only answer to everything in life,

God is in control.

The Holy Spirit is the only true and perfect guidance counselor.

We live in a scary, chaotic world. The average person feels overwhelmed because of the many different issues which confront him, including those issues related to himself, his relationships and all the decisions made in our country and our world by people who are not necessarily interested in his best interest.

Many struggle with issues of self-esteem, self-worth, bullying, and trying to measure up to the standards determined by the society in which we live. A great number of people are struggling to survive financially, with many not even able to put food on the table or even pay for a place to live. Even those with decent jobs are often unable tp easily provide for their families because of the high cost of living. Debt and homelessness are the two bookends to financial debt.

Our government makes decisions with which many may not agree or which cause great harm to our country’s well-being in terms of financial security, personal freedoms, and feelings of safety both within our own country and throughout the world.

People are stressed out, angry, fearful, worried, overwhelmed, and depressed, just to name a few of the emotional impacts of living in this world.

Our world today engenders a sense of fear

We are all sinners and no one is even close to perfect, not even the best of people. Every person carries his own baggage, including

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