Hi. I am Janis. let me tell you about what motivates me to be a godly woman Living a godly life.

I had to be completely broken by God in order to be transformed into the godly woman God purposed me to be.

I have loved God and Jesus for as long as I can remember. As a young child, my grandmother would often talk to me about Jesus. After a talk, she would always say, “Do you believe in Jesus?” And of course, I always answered “Yes, Grandma,” secure in my belief in Jesus as God’s Son.

However, that little girl did not understand that she was a sinner and that the world was full of other sinners. She did not understand that the world was full of evil and that the enemy of God would try to deceive her (and anyone else who believed in God and Jesus) that God is not the answer to every issue in life or that she was not really worthy of getting His full attention.

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My desire is for every reader to experience the same kind of transformation that I went through by simply giving all of my faith and trust to the only One who deserves it, our almighty and compassionate God.

Even though I have always loved God, I did not have consistent Bible teaching during my childhood years. By the time I went to 7th grade, my parents stopped attending church. Sadly, I did not attend church again until I was about nineteen years old.

When I was seventeen years old, someone handed me a little gold pamphlet with the plan of salvation in it. To this day, I can still remember exactly where I was when someone handed it to me. I was alone, at North Park Mall in Dallas, standing outside of JCPenney. I was about to go back to work after my lunch break. A young woman walked up to me and handed the small tract to me. When I got home from work, I read it carefully. I remember reading a question, “Who sits on the throne of your life?” or something of that nature. I remember seeing a graphic with a throne. I read about how Jesus died on the cross for me and that if I believed He died for my sins, I needed to pray to Jesus, confess my sins, acknowledge that He is God’s Son and our Savior and then ask Him to come into my life as my Lord and Savior. I remember reacting the same way that I did when my grandmother would ask me if I believed in Jesus. Obviously my off and on years of Sunday school as a child had reinforced what my grandmother had told me when I was much younger. I said to myself and to God, “Of course I believe!”

No one had never told me that there was an actual way to become a Christian. In fact, I had never even heard about the doctrine of salvation. I genuinely and with all my heart responded by taking the steps given to me. I believe that I became a child of God that day, but I am also a poster child of someone who asked Jesus to come into her life but otherwise whose life did not change at the moment. Or, maybe it did; obviously God was working in my life, but I did not realize that my life was going to change in a dramatic manner.

Even though I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior when I was seventeen years old, I had no one to mentor or guide me. I did not realize the importance of church fellowship or just having a mature Christian to show me the way to get started. Therefore, life when on much as it had. I graduated from high school, went to college and met my husband at the beginning of my Freshman year. We got married that next summer right after he had returned from basic training in the Navy. (It was the Vietnam era). It was not until my husband and I started attending church right after we got married that I started learning what the Bible taught. We were very blessed to have had a young Christian couple living in our apartment complex who invited us to their church. Later they sat down with us and explained to us the doctrine of salvation. We both accepted Jesus. (I had forgoteen my earlier experience). Both of us were baptized and began to meet other Christian people of all ages.

Those are wonderful memories, and I sometimes wish that precious time could have gone on forever. It was only then I really began to know who God is (besides what I was taught in Sunday school) and to understand that God had a purpose for my life. I loved going to church and learning more about God and Jesus. That love has never gone away, even through the darkest of times in my life, but it has now grown so much that I truly get so excited reading and studying what the Bible teaches and reading books from talented Christian writers. I am definitely a Bible nerd!

“I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man. All the good from the Savior of the world is communicated to us through this Book.” Abraham Lincoln

But back to my story: Because my husband was in the service, my life was very unsettled for several years as I tried to learn how to be a wife at such a young age, deal with the times my husband was out at sea and I had to travel back and forth to San Diego when he was in port, tried to keep up with getting my teaching degree, and deal with the loneliness I felt much of the time. Unfortunately, as in the case of many people, the trials and tribulations of life can lead to both mental and physical problems, especially when they have not learned how to claim the weapons of spiritual warfare. Only time spent reading and studying the Bible and working on a stronger relationship with God can teach us those skills.

Going into details about my specific experencies is not important. I am certainly not alone in struggling with life at times. What is important is that after almost forty years of suffering from depression (debilitating at some times) and having an on/off relationship with God, He allowed me to go through a series of events that truly and finally broke my spirit completely. I no longer wanted to have any control of my life. For the first time in my life I finally realized that I had to give God full control. I realize now that most people have a problem with giving God full control. Finally the moment came when I had no choice but to cry out to God and say, “Lord, I need you. I need you so much! I have made such a mess of my life by not trusting you enough to give you full control. I give you everything. Please, just take total control. I do not want any control of my life at all!” I meant those words with every beat of my heart. My soul was struggling and I knew God was the only answer.

That moment transformed my life. It has been about eight years since that day and since then, I have felt the kind of peace, calmness of spirit and joy I did not know was possible. Certainly, I have had trials at times but daily committing my life to God has made it possible to just trust that God is in control. As I learned more and more how to truly trust God in all things, I could feel the Holy Spirit working in my heart. I never knew the significance of the role of the Holy Spirit in my life. I began to understand that Jesus, my Lord and Savior, uses the Holy Spirit to speak His words to me. I now depend on Jesus to show me those areas in which I need some improvement. I have also learned to consult with Him when I need to make important (and not so important) decisons. Because of my willing spirit, learning how to be more godly has not been a painful experience. God does not have to allow me to go through extreme suffering in order to get my attention anymore. I want to be more like Jesus. I want to please God. Now I hunger and thirst for more and more knowledge and insight when reading the Bible. Now, my greatest desire is to continually build upon the close relationship I have with God. I have full confidence that my relationship with God will continue to grow because I have learned the beautiful lesson of how much God loves me and wants to bless my life. The suffering of the past now seems like a distant memory.

Best of all, God showed me that He allowed me to suffer, not because He did not love me but because before the beginning of time, He had chosen me to tell others what I have learned from my journey from brokenness to a life committed to serving God and dying to self. The blessings are many for those who choose to trust God with everything and in every situation. I also understand that my life is not going to be free of future trials, but I am not afraid because He has carried me through so much already and has always been with me (even when I did not know it). Actually, I feel like how those few Israelites who were allowed to cross over to the Promised Land must have felt after wandering through the desert for forty years. In fact, I feel that it is not a coincidence that I suffered greatly from depression for forty years but have no trace of depression now. Faith and obedience to God are the keys to traveling through the journey of life and making it to our Promised Land – Heaven.

The aim of my website is to tell others how they too can be transformed into the person that God intended each of us to be. I assure you there will be no judgments in anything I write. I have made too many mistakes in my life to ever judge anyone else. All I can do is tell you what God has revealed to me about living a godly life in an ungodly world and how my life has been so greatly blessed because I finally trusted him with everything in my life.

Growth in grace is grown downward. It is the forming of a lower estimate of ourselves. It is a deepening realization of our nothingness. It is a heartfelt recognition that we are not worthy of the least of God’s mercies.

A.W. Pink

I believe:

God is one God in Three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God created the world and is sovereign over all of creation.

The Bible is God’s Holy Word in written form. It is divinely inspired, or rather “God-breathed,” truthful and without error.

Salvation comes only through a profession of belief in Jesus, the Son of God and our Lord and Savior. Good works or any other moral behavior have no effect on gaining salvation. Salvation is a result of God’s love, mercy and grace, as shown through the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior.

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